Cold Weather Running Tips

It’s the beginning of a new year, which is when many athletes, beginners and seasoned alike, look to get back into a routine fitness schedule. But with the ongoing pandemic limiting or even prohibiting indoor workouts, more people are considering outdoor running during these winter months. Despite the obstacles of cold-weather running, there are great…
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Staying In Shape From Home This Winter

The winter months often come paired with shorter days, colder temperatures, and plenty of unhealthy food options…all of which work in tandem to try and derail your fitness motivation. Here are two functional workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home in 15 minutes or less with just a little floor space…
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Programming In The Time Of Covid

The world came to a standstill this year seeing many daily routines screech to a halt. One of the most notable was that of session-based programming. Gymnastics, swim lessons, run clubs, fitness centers—you name it—they all came crashing down. With many relying on these classes to maintain their health, wellbeing and income, we have seen…
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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Intact

  It’s the 15th day of 2021 and many of you are still committed to your New Year’s fitness resolutions, so bravo! Here are some surefire tips to make sure you’re not in the 80% of people who won’t stick with them in February.   1) Set challenging but attainable goals We know you’re excited,…
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