Referral Partner

Captyn is looking for a remote part-time Referral Partner to create interest in our innovative scheduling software platform.

All you need for success in this role is your own community and network to tap into, and allow the Captyn leadership team to do the rest.

Who We Are: 

Captyn is the first mobile software company providing first-class solutions to universities, schools, children’s activities organizations, non-profits, national organizations, retail groups, lessons, clinics, camps, and more. As the only agile registration platform, Captyn is helping small businesses reduce management stress and increase revenue. Once an organization sees Captyn in action, they are amazed by how easy managing and accepting customers can be. In short, we help small businesses grow!

Who We Are Looking For:

Captyn is looking for people who may not want to be a full-time salesperson, but are looking to generate extra revenue for their household by creating interest in the Captyn software platform from the comfort of their home. This includes providing basic information of client leads and introducing the potential partner to Captyn. When the deal closes, we pay you $500 to $1500 for each deal.

What Is the Pay:

Captyn pays the Referral Partner by the following Commission model and bonuses:

Client Yearly Revenue $150,000 $250,000 $450,000 $650,000 $850,000 Over 1M
BDR Commission $150 $300 $720 $1,260 $1,680 $2,100

Additional Bonus:

  • First 90 Days 
    • $25 for completing Training
    • $50 for loading 50 contacts or business into hubspot
    • $50 for dropping off 25 Captyn Packets to small business
    • $100 for scheduling and completing 3 Demos
    • $100 for each additional closed deal 

What Is the Training Requirement:

There is a 1-hour training session.

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