Full-featured Scheduling Software

Captyn allows a customized experience for each user with easy registration for customers & managers. We provide automatic charges and fast refunds with simple & useful reporting tools. Our “pay-as-you-go” pricing makes it an affordable option for any size company.

Multi-sport, department, & location management 

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Fast Registration & Account Creation

You have the power to create an account on behalf of your participant, or fill a cart with registrations and checkout your participant.


Simple & Useful Reports

View everything right from your phone whenever you need it.


Pay-As-You-Go Pricing 

Only pay for Captyn when you use our platform.  We only make money when you do.


Schedules & Rosters

Take attendance, make notes about a participant, and record performance evaluations all in one spot. Each participant has their own profile allowing easy-to-manage relationships with your participants and staff. Directly from their profile, you’re able to call, email, or text your athletes.

Private Lessons & Personal Training

Create a request through Captyn asking your participant to provide their availability. From there, they can pick the number of lessons they want and pre-pay for your services. Once you review their schedule request, they’ll be notified and scheduled.

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Manage Staff

Have a lot of coaches or instructors? In Captyn, you can manage your staff with unlimited staff accounts. Assign private lessons, personal training sessions, classes, clinics, camps, and teams. Quickly notify your staff when they are scheduled or when new opportunities are available.

Admin Permissions 

An administrator can add, revoke or raise/lower permissions to any user that is connected to their organization as an employee or customer.