Release Notes: Oct 11, 2021

New and Updated in Captyn: October 11, 2021

Forgot Password

Text or email a code to speed up the sign in process when forgetting your password.

Sign In & Account Creation

Improved user experience

Self Registration

Bridges ‘account’ and ‘participant’ information to speed the registration process. If the account holder is also a participant, the process becomes a single step instead of multiple steps (it used to feel redundant or duplicate).

Class List Display Panel

Get an overview of an offering’s settings by tapping the box to open a panel, highlighting all of the details of the offering.

New Activity Tab

Track check in and attendance activity

Settings Tab

Preview the presentation of the offering for admin & public/customer view. Hover over any part of the offering to edit.

Class Creation

Improved screens to increase speed and flexibility

Class Creation Progress Bar

Quickly jump to previous screens by hovering over the progress bar and selecting the screen to review.

Program Description Formatting

Additional customization on how the program description is displayed on your public site.

Offering Description Formatting

Additional customization on how the offering description is displayed on your public site.

“All Day” Display

Choose how to display an offering that is ‘All Day’ (show only the day of week, day of week + “All Day”, day of week + “Anytime”)

Schedule Flexibility

Single date: an offering that takes place on a single date • Multi day: an offering that is multiple days, and if it’s longer than one week, repeats the schedule weekly • Custom single dates: an offering that can have any number of dates that do not have a consistent weekly routine.

Improved Date Pickers

Adds speed and clarity when selecting dates

Presentation of Free Registrations

Choose “$0.00”, “Free”, “No Charge”, or simply have it blank/left out

Choose Charge Options

Monthly recurring, one-time charge (at registration), or custom charges

Add Custom Charges

Set up default payment plans for an offering. Choose whether to charge upon registration or on later date(s). Perfect for deposits and automatic installments.

Limit When Customers Can Self Check In

Select a default number of minutes, hours, or days prior to a start time that the customer will be allowed to check in

Mark as Checked Out

When check in is enabled, the ‘Attended’ button on the roster can be set to ‘Checked out’ to add additional clarity and flexibility

Add a One-Time Charge or Credit at Checkout

Allows a ‘registration fee’ and/or a ‘registration credit’ applied automatically at checkout. Perfect for registration fees and ‘first month free’ promotions

Enhanced Presentation Options

Allows the admin to show/hide 1) class times, 2) instructors/staff, 3) spots available, 4) membership pricing (coming soon)

Enhanced Checkout Options

A cleaner presentation of add ons, info requests, agreements, etc.