The Best Registration Platform For Swim Schools

When it comes to the best registration platform for your swim school, there are plenty of options out there, but Captyn is the most modern and innovative platform of them all. Here are just some of the key differentiators that put us above the rest.


No out-of-pocket costs

Tired of recurring billing, start-up costs, training fees, mandatory earnings requirements and long-term contracts? With Captyn, there are NONE of those. In fact we’ll save you money and time compared to those other platforms.




Hate being tethered to your desk? None of our competitors are fully mobile, but with Captyn you can access all of your programming from your phone or tablet, poolside, at home, on the beach…wherever you want!


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FREE communication

Wouldn’t you love a way to seamlessly contact your users without having to use any additional software or incurring any added fees? With Captyn you can effortlessly e-mail or text all of your registrants in a few short clicks.



Money in your account next day

Tired of waiting weeks or even months for your own money to hit your bank account from registrations? A lot of those other platforms hold on to your money way longer than you should be okay with. But with Captyn, the money hits your account the next day—like it should.



If you’re tired of outdated platforms that haven’t been upgraded in decades and want the most advanced, easiest to use and least costly option, schedule a call today. We know setting up programming with those other guys takes time, but if you switch to Captyn, we can handle the transition of programs and users so you don’t have to.